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You're the hero, we're the guide

When you schedule a consultation, you are making the first step in the Innovizual Partner Process. Collaboration between us and your brand is essential to developing a strategy that gets results. Video production can include a lot of personnel, equipment, and experience to deliver high quality imagery. Furthermore, proper planning and fully understanding the end goal, can help overcome challenges.

Since we are the production specialists, you can leave the hard part to us.

The Innovizual Partner Process

As partners, we become an extension of your internal team so you always have immediate support through the whole process.

We handle everything from start to finish.

Innovizual Motion Pictures About Us


A consultation gets the project going and identifies project needs. Together we fill out the Project Initiation Worksheet and Scope of Work document.


Innovizual dives into your current strategy and generates ideas for video content.

First Approval

You approve the ideas you like.


Innovizual handles the planning process.

Second Approval

You approve everything before shooting commences.


Innovizual handles the filming process.

Third Approval

We make sure we are on the same page before editing.


Innovizual handles the editing, color, audio, and graphics.


The deliverables go through a review process using our forms and review tools.

Project Completion

Any changes are made and deliverables are finalized if necessary.

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